Been a while since the last post, life rushes by rapidly…

Last Updated on: November 29, 2017

April 29th was my last update, and where we are, early in July! Since then, a bit of mc & daytrip adventures, a bit of life.

So, summer, vacation, although with regards to the first, not so much. That is, at least not weather-wise, in this country. I’ve not planned anything in particular or rather, not made any particular plans. This is a good thing, unless one desires to hop on a place and get scorched for a week or two.

Not my cup of tea, or… at least not now. Can do that later in the year.

MC life: BMW R1200GS Adventures picture

The GS Adventure while passing over from one valley to another in Norway.

MC Life & Motorcycle adventures

awaits, but what direction or where to isn’t decided .. yet. I have some ideas but vacation just started I’ll take it slow in the beginning. On the table are sketches of plans, prefer to keep it that way. Play it by ear, and take weather into consideration. Which means, might head in one direction and then divert from the course.

I got GPS and a much better, smarter and more functional unit than last year. Can even read the display in sunshine! 🙂

BMW R1200GS Adventures pic

While on a long day trip up across the valleys (here in Valdres) of Norway

So yeah, MC Life = ad-hoc traveling style

suits me fine. This way I hope to avoid ending up like I did last year.

That was THE wettest two-wheel experience you can imagine. The only thing wetter would potentially be swimming, or riding motorcycle underwater. Twice I rode into torrential rain, first in Austria close to the border to Germany. That shit followed me half-way through Germany. Pounding on helmet and gear for over 7 hours.

Second time while closer to home, in Sweden. Could barely see anything, basically navigating aided by tail lights on cars in front. Both encounters were in the class of “worst rainfall in 50/60 odd years”.

It truly was an endurance test, and .. fair to say, I passed. Those experiences however compels me to try to avoid the same again this year. I got much better gear than last year though. New suit, new waterproof boots and gloves.

And, maybe as important, more time. I don’t have to be anywhere in particular, like last year. Should prospects be poor I can simply anchor up for a day extra.

Ideas are good though

… got plenty of those. One is to travel through a part of Germany, over into Poland and head down to the Tatra mountains. Never been there but suppose to be excellent. Perhaps not too unlike as below. So till next time, cheers 🙂

July 2016 in Austria picture

Rode through a part of Austria with my bike at the time.

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