A late Euro Adventure start (2022-1)

Last Updated on: December 10, 2023

Circumstances led to a late Euro Adventure in 2022. Originally the plan had been to leave early September. But things didn’t go as planned (again).

Late Euro Adventurer: the 1290 Super Adventure S packed and ready

Packed and ready for departure, mid-September

When I say late, it’s seen through the goggles of a Norwegian. And in regards to seasons in Norway. When days get shorter, and the temperature drops, especially at higher altitudes. Down in Europe it can be a whole different story. However, things can change.

Late Euro Adventure takeoff

For the first time ever I was going with someone. A new experience for me. Those who’ve read (some of) the Euro adventures posts know I’ve always travelled solo. One reason is simply that I like traveling solo. Another that few of my friends like longer adventures.

But one friend wanted to join. I started to work on some ideas. We settled for a time period. Weather looked good. But due to circumstances I was asked if we could postpone departure with a couple of weeks. A lot can change in two weeks. Weather not the least.

As time drifted towards middle of September, colder weather settled over the northern/central parts of Europe and Scandinavia. That called for alternative planning, as several mountain passes was to see snow and below freezing temperatures.

I departed first. Truls-Erik, living on in Bergen, took the Bergen – Hirtshals ferry a couple of days later. We decided on Glückstadt in northern Germany as our rendez-vous spot. September 13th I rode down to Larvik for the ferry to Hirtshals. Of course it had to start pissing down heavily.

Not a great start!

Bikers Rest Denmark

Interior of the bar and dining place at Bikers Rest Denmark

North-Jylland (DK) to Northern Germany

The crossing over Skagerak (the sea between Norway and Denmark) was uneventful. Late evening I rode down to Bikers Rest. Fortunately in the dry, but i was windy as hell. If you are ok with a bikers lodge for a night or two on Nord-Jylland, then Bikers Rest is a place worth considering. Situated just outside Løkken, about 45 minutes from Hirtshals..

The next morning I took some smaller roads southwest. My friend would arrive in Glückstadt the day after. As a result I had plenty of time to waste. The weather was good, though a bit on the chilly side. Chilly and windy. Not an issue for a biker with proper clothing.

I continued down through the western part of Jylland to Esbjerg. Right outside the city you find a pretty cool sculpture installation titled “Men by the Sea”.

Men by the Sea, Esbjerg DK

“Men by the Sea”, Esbjerg – Denmark.

From Esbjerg I stayed on smaller roads for the most part. Entered Germany in the same fashion, as there are plenty of smaller border crossings. Had decided on Pension Treenehof, a country-side hotel with great reviews, a little south of Husum.

Indeed a place that deserved good reviews! Great location, hotel and ditto food!

Pension Treenehof land hotel, Germany

Morning after: the backside of Pension Treenehof, Germany

And so ended day 1. More to follow.

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