Knut Meyn, some words about the author

I am a level headed, middle+ aged bloke, a half-nerd, ok maybe a little bit more than half nerd. Still going strong with ambition, curiosity, vision, have ideas, plus perspective.

Knut Meyn’s professional life

Knut Meyn 2018Currently employed as Webmaster in Zenitel , a critical communications technology company. Prior I had a shorter period as self employed web designer, consultant and adviser. From 2007-2012 I was employed in BT Global Services,  as Tower Lead, IT Specialist, Adviser and Project Manager.

In the past 2-3 decades I’ve have had a variety of both challenging and interesting jobs, nationally as well as internationally. And the privilege of working for and with a lot insightful, talented people from all over the world.

These experiences have taught me lots of things I value highly.

I’ve been Systems Administrator for many years, on a variety of platforms such as IBM, IBM/Lotus, Microsoft as well as Open Source ones. Of late focus has been more on Open Source solutions, Web applications and Content Management Services (CMS) as well as Social Business. 

Hobbies & leisure

In 2015 I returned to motorcycle riding after 32 odd years of absence. It’s been a complete blast! Twice already around in Europe plus a lot of places in Norway.  I love adventures, riding about allows the combination of several other passions, like taking pictures,  experience new things, meet people, and write about it.

Being a hobby musician I play quite a bit, making music is a passion. Of late it’s more in a resurrection state, hope to record some new stuff one day. Time will show. Else I do graphics, web design, love photography, not very good at latter but Photoshop comes to my rescue every time.

What else is there

I live in Oslo/Norway, close to mother nature. Which means easy access to woods and lakes, by foot or bicycle. In winter cross-country skiing, a favorite outdoor winter activity. Summer means biking or running, staying reasonably fit I believe is a necessity for harmony and balance in life. But all things in sensible dosages. There’s (often) a fine line between just enough and too much.

Love to read, especially good stories whether from real life or pure fantasy. As for other hobbies I tinker with photography quite a bit, something this site hopefully reflects a bit of. Also work with/make music, latter in a “reboot process” this year. I’ve written music for film/TV, Theater, Radio/TV commercials and web presentations. But it’s been a while.

Professional background

Information Technology

  • IT Adviser/Consultant Tech4Hire & Aibel AS
  • Tower Lead BT Global Services
  • Senior IS Adviser & Architect Aibel AS
  • Senior IS Adviser & Architect Vetco International
  • IS Adviser & IS Architect ABB Offshore Systems
  • Service Owner ABB Group (Collaboration Services)
  • Project Management ABB Ltd. Information Systems
  • Senior Systems Engineer ABB Offshore Systems

Web, Media/Communication & Sales

  • Webmaster in Zenitel
  • Owner, Adviser, Web developer MeynConsult
  • Graphics Designer & Desktop Publisher in ABB & Vetco
  • Web Designer & Developer ABB, Vetco & Aibel AS
  • Webmaster ABB, Vetco, IT-Fabrikken & digiTALL AS,
  • Journalist & Editor Firmakatalogen, ABB Ltd & Vetco
  • Freelance Journalist, Marketing professional.
  • Department Manager Supersonic (keyboards & music computer software)
  • Composer, Arranger & Member of editorial staff Norwegian Broadcast Cooperation (NRK)
  • Talk Show Host & staff member Radio 1/The Night Radio.
  • Creative Consultant and Voice Over Artist

More details

Can be found on my LinkedIn profile. The resume is here, click to open, right click to save.