About me

I am a level headed bloke, a half-nerd, maybe a little bit more than half nerd, with a passion for technology in various forms.

Professional life

Knut Meyn 2018In the past decades I’ve had both challenging and interesting jobs, nationally as well as internationally.  It’s been a privilege to work for and with lots of insightful, talented people from all over the world. These experiences have taught me things I value highly.

I have background as IT Systems Engineer, working on platforms from IBM, IBM/Lotus, Microsoft, plus various Open Source ones. Since the dawn of internet focus has also been web services and platforms, web applications, search optimization and content management systems.  

Hobbies & leisure

2015 I returned to motorcycle riding after over 3 decades of absence. It’s been an absolute blast! Since the beginning I’ve been riding tens of thousands of kilometers (or miles) in Europe and Scandinavia. Coming years will bring new adventures, in or outside of Europe. Riding combines  several passions, like travel,  experience new countries and nature, meet new people, take (tons of) pictures and write about the experience.

Being a hobby musician I play quite a bit, music is a key passion. Of late it’s more in a resurrection state. Hope to record new stuff one day and play with other people. Time will show. Else I work with graphics and graphics design, web design.  Love photography, not a very good photographer, Photoshop more often than not comes to my aid.

What else is there

I live in Oslo/Norway, close to mother nature with easy access to woods and lakes, by foot or bicycle. In winter I do cross-country skiing, a favorite outdoor winter activity. Staying reasonably fit I believe is a necessity for harmony and balance in life. But all things in sensible dosages. There’s a fine line between just enough and too much.

Love to read, especially good stories whether from real life or pure fantasy. As for other hobbies I tinker with photography quite a bit, something this site hopefully reflects a bit of. Also work with/make music, latter in a “reboot process” this year. I’ve written music for film/TV, Theater, Radio/TV commercials and web presentations. But it’s been a while.

Professional background

Information Technology

  • IT Adviser/Consultant Tech4Hire & Aibel AS
  • Tower Lead BT Global Services
  • Senior IS Adviser & Architect Aibel AS
  • Senior IS Adviser & Architect Vetco International
  • IS Adviser & IS Architect ABB Offshore Systems
  • Service Owner ABB Group (Collaboration Services)
  • Project Management ABB Ltd. Information Systems
  • Senior Systems Engineer ABB Offshore Systems

Web, Media/Communication & Sales

  • Webmaster in Zenitel Group
  • Owner, Adviser, Web developer MeynConsult
  • Graphics Designer & Desktop Publisher in ABB & Vetco
  • Web Designer & Developer ABB, Vetco & Aibel AS
  • Webmaster ABB, Vetco, IT-Fabrikken & digiTALL AS,
  • Journalist & Editor Firmakatalogen, ABB Ltd & Vetco
  • Freelance Journalist, Marketing professional
  • Department Manager Supersonic (keyboards & music computer software)
  • Composer, Arranger & Member of editorial staff Norwegian Broadcast Cooperation (NRK)
  • Talk Show Host & staff member Radio 1/The Night Radio.
  • Creative Consultant and Voice Over Artist

More details

Can be found on my LinkedIn profile. A resume is here.