I got a real winter…

Last Updated on: July 29, 2018

… in fact, as real as I recall it from the days of ignorance and youth. That would be back in the 60s, 70s and and (while not quite so young anymore), late 80s. Yeah must have been in late 90s things began to change more significantly. Mild winters, little snow etc etc.

In any event, coldness hit our shores, engulfed the little kingdom of Norway. Gusts from Siberia, streams of cold air from the high north descended on the motherland to such an extent it’s made the news, almost to boredom.

People forget, quickly. Meanwhile, it is also a sign all hope is not lost?

While this takes place, and infrequent moaning and whimpering over a classical real winter raises, I observe young folks about dressed as if they’d be taking an autumn stroll somewhere in the southern part of England. In joggers. Either they have a blood circulation I cannot comprehend, or it’s gone fashion to freeze.

When it’s -15C, joggers is not the ideal footwear.

Prior to King Frost’s descent we also had fearfully little snow, which just make the feeling of cold even stronger. That issue however, was gracefully dealt with by the planet only a wee into 2016. Not quite as much as I’d like it to be, but better than nothing. Skiing conditions, in the lowlands and areas around our capital, are pretty good.

Been out and about a few times already. Cross country skiing is my winter favorite activity. But not the snail-mode sort, or, well… compared to the turbo-guys I might look like a snail.  That may very well be. But when it’s -15C the best thing to do is to use energy, and speed up. That will make you warm enough.

Not taken any new winter pics this far. But I plan to…soon. In the meantime, below a few picked from my usual tracks. They’re a few years old though things look pretty much the same out there in the woods, nowadays. Not quite as much snow sadly but… I remain hopeful that’ll be fixed, soon 🙂

Lake covered with crystal snow


Another lake covered with crystal snow


This picture speaks for itself?



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