Give nature back to nature

Last Updated on: April 4, 2015

It is 2015 and we are concerned for our environment. That is.. we with a above minimum conscience. I choose to believe, that means almost all of us. The awareness is growing every day, across the globe, more and more people, cultures, nations, see and feel the consequences of decade long, of century long exploits, systematic negligence and downright destruction.

More and more people are being impacted by former generation’s dispositions. But blame game and passing sentences between courtrooms, yours and mine, will not restore anything, will not heal anything. Eyes directed forwards, thoughts and mind focused, efforts unified. That.. is what will bring a much needed change.

I for one, have been awaken. It’s a while ago now. I started to write about environmental issues, later posted more blogs about the topic than anyone would care to remember. Though impression is, they did somehow get picked up, by a few. Hopefully also serving as, if nothing else, an additional source of inspiration, food for thought, fuel for action.


Inch by inch…we move forwards

I’ve subscribed to what can only be dubbed as sofa-idealism. Raised my voice from behind the windows of my convenient little shed in life. From behind a desk, a computer screen, while typing away on my keyboard, using technology that in so many ways have negatively impacted the most precious of all things around us…and continue to do so.

Paradoxically, without this technology, created, fostered and bred on the environmental riverbanks of death and destruction, the velocity with which awareness have spread, might have been a mere stream, compared to a roaring river.

I raise my voice, together with an increasing number of people, a shrill, tiny voice in an ever expanding, booming choir. We have to do something, we have continue doing something, we have to stop the madness. We the people, the dominating and commanding species on the planet, we who writes the laws in the unwritten book of human legacy, have to come to terms with our own yearn for material goods, for luxury, for making our lives ever more convenient.

There is no single recipe to make that right which has been done wrong. There is no one single action that can improve the situation, gradually restore nature’s and the planet’s balance, so long since upset by our exploitation. A set of actions paves the road onward to a life of improved quality. In this picture every little contribution helps, the size of your hands, the strength of your arms, the ability to carry, is insignificant.

What matters is the sum of all our efforts.

I got inspired today, reminded today

Yes, by watching the below documentary. It made me realize that battles fought may be battles won. Things can change, life can be brought back where it previously had been destroyed. Nature can repair itself, can heal itself IF.. we give it a chance.

I hope you watch it too, the documentary posted below. While it is about one nation’s journey towards restoration and rectification it’s content may serve as a symbol, and inspiration, for other battles fought, elsewhere.