2022 seasonal rides pictures

2022 was a good riding year, in all respects. Plenty of great adventures and rides in Norway during spring and summer.

Fall also brought plenty of experiences!

September 2022 – Euro Adventure

Mid-September, later than usual, I went south, for the annual euro-Adventure. This time, and first time ever, with a riding companion. That was a new experience for an older solo-rider.

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August 2022

August offered both great weather and some very good rides. Both solo and with friend. I got to see some places I’d never been before. Places I most certainly will go back to, maybe in 2023.

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July 2022

Finally opportunity to take out som holidays. And do some real touring & TET riding.By the end of the month I’d done around 7400 kilometers. Not half bad for a months worth of riding! Below some memories.

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June 2022

June offered several opportunities for longer and shorter rides. Found some new roads, and hit on roads ridden before.

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Spring 2022

Was off to an early start. Late March the condition were not ideal but good enough for local riding. April was fairly cold as well. It wasn’t until May things started to pick up.

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