2021 seasonal rides pictures

2021 became “the year of redemption”.  In more ways than one. I got back on a bike, after the accident in 2020. And traveled further, and longer, than in any previous year.

2021 was also for me the season I started with a new motorcycle. One I’d never had thought I would buy, or ride. Bought on a whim winter 2020. And with it I set a new personal record of number of kilometers ridden in a season. if you don’t take a chance  you never learn something new. Which is what I did.

So without further ado, below some of the 100ths of pics from this season.  Still updating and adding new galleries.

Euro Adventure 2021

In September I set course for Europe again. Suffice to say it was 20 days of excitement. One of the best rides I’ve had in Europe. 7.670 kilometers worth of adventure!  Currently I’ve just uploaded the first batch of pictures. More to follow soon.

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Norway – July 2021

The big event of the month was the tour up through Norway, to Tromsø. Mostly on smaller roads, both north and southbound.

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Norway  – June 2021

June was a month filled with plenty super cool adventures, shorter and longer. Several trips around in my part of the country. And two trips to the west coast. It was awesome, including, for the most part, the weather too.

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Spring 2021

Getting back on a motorcycle after recovering from previous year’s accident was something special. Early spring I wasn’t even sure it would work, or if I would work. On top of that I started the season with a motorcycle I’d bought, but never ridden. But everything turned out fine.

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