2019 seasonal rides pictures

The 2019 Seasonal motorcycle rides pictures collection is what you will find on this page. PIctures from both Europe and Norway.

Many of the pictures, but not all of them, comes from blogposts.  Some pictures are only in the galleries.  Click &  expand an image to full size. At the bottom of each slide series you’ll find next/previous plus autoplay. Happy viewing!

Autumn 2019

A good autumn season with plenty of shorter, or short’ish local rides. Norway is a diverse country. Add Sweden and you don’t really have to go very far for huge variations, of roads, landscape and nature.

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Summer 2019

This summer, together with friends, I went farther up and farther west in Norway than I’ve ever done before (with a motorcycle). It was truly awesome, something the below pics might indicate 🙂

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MC Adventure 2019

The annual Summer adventure in Europe did not go entirely as planned. Aim was, after England & Wales,  to head south and explore western Swiss and French Alps, plus western Italy.  Didn’t happen, this as previous year. But for a different reason. Nonetheless, had tons of fun, saw lots of new places & terrain explored.

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Spring 2019

When I picked up the “red cow” in April it had been gone for over 8 months.  Completely rebuilt with new frame, and a plethora of new parts after an accident in Germany summer 2018. It felt indescribably good to get back in the saddle. Although the old Transalp wasn’t a bad replacement.

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