2018 seasonal rides pictures

The 2018 Seasonal rides pictures collection turned out to be pretty comprehensive. Much thanks to the summer adventure. So it needed a dedicated page.

Many but not all of them, appears in blogposts.  Some pictures are only in the galleries.  Click &  expand an image to full size. At the bottom of each slide series you’ll find next/previous plus autoplay. Happy viewing!

Autumn 2018

The red cow spent most of the Autumn at the dealer. Season would have been over too early if it wasn’t for my second bike. Had many great trips that fall.

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MC Adventure 2018

The summer adventure did not at all goes as planned. More than partially due to an incident in Germany. The original destination was the French Alps and Switzerland. Had to drop it. This however led to some rather cool adventures. It’s the non-planned stuff which is the most fun.

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Spring 2018

Second season and spring with the beemer.

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