2016 seasonal rides pictures

The 2016 Seasonal pictures also contains very first ride in Europe. The year began with a 2003 BMW R1150 RT, traded in for a 2010 R1200 RT.

Some of the pics appears in blogposts.  Some are only in the galleries.  Click &  expand an image to full size. At the bottom of each slide series you’ll find next/previous plus autoplay. I am currently building up the collection so more pics will come.

Spring 2016

The season started on a 2003 BMW R1150RT. Early June on a Saturday I came riding home with a 2010 R1200RT. Arguably the prettiest motorcycle I’ve had to date. Also the companion to take me on the first ever Euro Adventure.

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MC Adventure 2016

It was a lot of excitement when I packed up and left for a short fortnight to Europe and the continent. Some surprises happened, bike issues that was fixed in the nick of time. Plus the worst torrential rain I’ve ever had on two wheel. But this and more, is what an adventure is all about.

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Autumn 2016

Did a few thousand kilometers from August to end of season. The 1200RT was also taken offroad. It’s not made for it, but can handle gravel. Unlike the predecessor.

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