Biker’s log; Four days of rain, one day of shine

Last Updated on: June 5, 2023

It rained buckets and truckloads for actually more than four days in the old country. To the point flooding was reported many places, and whole towns were put under water. Well at least partially. Rivers once again rose to all-time highs, in what now seems to develop more into a trend than being an exception….. extreme weather.

Saturday came, bright, warm’ish and shiny”, it was time to wake the MC from its workweek long sleep. With some yawning and warming up, which you always should let an MC do, out on the roads. Try to capture some Autumn colors.

Below a few pictures from around and about.  All pics taken with an aging iPhone 4s (+processed in Photoshop “ever so slightly”) Hope you enjoy! Click to expand.


“Tractor Village”; somewhere in the valleys of Norway there’s a little place where one, or perhaps more, of the inhabitants have a pretty visible passion for old tractors and agricultural machinery. In the front, my old tractor.


“Somewhere in the middle of somewhere”, a place to retire to if urban life, or life in general gets too hectic? I think you’d be fine here in that case.

In the middle of Somewhere

Valleys with tint of autumn colors, this is fine as long as the temp is acceptable for riding. 🙂


Through woods and over hills, unmistakable fall colors everywhere. I stopped roadside to get this perspective. While we who live here complain about poor road standards, some like to call Norway a MC Eldorado. I think it’s fair to say both are true.

Roadside view

Lakeview; There are so many of them, on return home thought to stop several other places but the aforementioned rainfall had caused roads to vanish. So lots of detours compelled me to hurry home. More later.


And that was it, till next time.. taddaaa 🙂

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