Fiction, reality, and things that quite possibly could be true

Last Updated on: June 20, 2015

We know for a fact, you should not believe everything you read. Whether on a piece of paper, in a newspaper, a magazine, a book or on the net, bluffs, hoaxes, lies and scams lurks about everywhere.

Some of the hoaxes are so well thought out and made they can deceive many, at least for a short while. Below a video example. Think it’s real? Well then check out this page.

Advertising is a business gone far to explore the outer rim between truth and lies. Some of the things said in ads and campaigns could make bicycling to the moon (and back) seem likely.

Aliens are (not) comingIn later years, amplified in and by the era of social media, hoaxes have taken on and takes on more and more elaborate shapes.

Seeing is believing? Not any longer .. OR.. depends on the seeing.

No one likes to be perceived as gullible, but there can be too much skepticism, too much nihilism. Imagination helps propel us, our dreams and visions forwards. Imagination can be a highly desirable force.

Sometimes believing things that seemingly are unlikely, or impossible, stimulates our imagination. Makes us creative, gives us energy, guts, to drive on.

If you can realize 1 percent of your dreams you are a lucky man/woman.

Our imagination is almost like the fifth (or was it sixth) element. An energy source all of us have enjoyed, and used, one time or another. An energy source that have influenced us while growing up. As a child it’s legitimate and OK to believe in the unbelievable, growing up you’re expected to become a realist. Many of us, me too, might develop into more of a realist than one likes.. at times. And that.. can be annoying.

Where the hell did my dreams go?

Gate to Parallel UniverseSometimes it is easier to imagine if one can draw a clear line, or border, between fiction/fantasy, and reality. But where is that line? Where does this line go?

Who are we to judge what is real and what’s not real? Who are we to say that there is only one Universe, one reality, one Big Bang?

Who are we to believe that our way of quantifying, gauging, our ways and methods by which we separate fiction from reality, makes up the One True Gospel?

Fiction of yesterday is today’s reality

Not too long ago, evolutionary speaking, dark energy and dark matter would be regarded fantasy. Product of someone’s imagination. And indeed, that is how these “things” began their journey towards accepted reality. Today scientists and astrophysicists say that dark energy and dark matter makes up most of our universe.

The Universe

Some decades back the existence of parallel dimensions, parallel worlds belonged to the sci-fi genre. Something you’d consider to be appealing and entertaining fiction. Today scientists are getting more and more convinced that this might be true. Our well known dimensions might not be the only one, and oh by the way, our Universe might not be the only one out there!

As if our Universe isn’t big enough for all of us….

It seems to me science really is trying to build a Bifrost, a bridge that reaches over to the Kingdom of Yonder. For surely, that must be one of those dimensions, or many of them perhaps?


Maybe reincarnation isn’t so far fetched after all? If matter in the Universe is constant, then why can’t the energy we’re made up of, what some “gullible” people call a soul, or spiritual energy, also be constant? So that when we die, in reality we move from being dead to be born anew in a different dimension?

WheelMore questions; who came up with the brilliant idea that now.. we’re alive, preparing for death? What if.. it’s the other way around? What if we got it all wrong, there’s no Hell, no world of utter damnation other than the one we find ourselves in right now.

I say we find ourselves in, assuming you are in my dimension when reading this post.

Amidst this sci-fi scenario, why cannot a personality be a timeless mosaic of countless visits around and about in the physical universe? A mosaic of numerous personalities, like character building blocks?

Do you believe that all aspects of your complex personality, whilst compared to the otherwise slow waves of evolution, was all hammered out, shaped and formed in a time or lifespan equal to a single snap with your fingers?

Where, some may be tempted to ask, is the reality in that conviction?

Well if you’re still with me you’re the patient sort. If this post have contributed to visitation, or re-visitation to thoughts that inhibits your mind (too), then it’s served a purpose. If some of the above is considered entertaining, or additionally entertaining well.. even better!

Meanwhile, on the earth plane, a day foretold by the weather prophets not be become a nice sunny day, have or is about to become one. I cannot sit here and type my rant any longer.

Thank you for reading, who knows.. might be back with more rant.. suddenly!

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