The earthquake tragedy in Nepal, your help is needed

Last Updated on: April 26, 2015

No matter how expected by some, geologist, seismologists, other experts, a tragedy of immense proportions dawned on the poor country and hard pressed population of Nepal. One not seen nor felt in 81 years.

Images pour out via media/social media, images of horror, reflecting the catastrophe it is. Whether you’ve been there or not.. it’s unreal… it’s surreal. And your  help is needed.

Sadly, it’s not over, at the time of my writing this post, and prior to the massive >7,9 on the Richter’s scale quake with epicenter somewhere between Kathmandu and Pokhara, aftershocks keeps coming. A real time worldwide list you may find here.

This region at the foot of the Himalayas is in a very, geologically speaking, unsettled, tense period. Tectonic forces shakes and for how long, is anyone’s guess. The tension build-up must have been extreme.

It’s heartbreaking and devastating to watch and witness, from afar. Sending thoughts and prayers to people of Nepal. News posted on social media such as Twitter reflects the situation, and their need for aid.

Candle & Prayers

We can easily imagine what it must be like in the many villages spread across the region. Villages made up of poor houses, flimsily built to the best of their abilities, with available resources. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen plenty, buildings not constructed with earthquakes in mind.

Once upon a time I traveled in Nepal. It was an adventure. Spent weeks in the city of Kathmandu walking across town in all directions. Took to the bus along the highway to Pokhara. Trekked along a route that went through a region hit by the earth quakes.

Map shot Nepal Kathmandu-Pokhara

I’ve trekked through villages, struggled uphill and downhill. Dragged my feet and untrained legs along rocky trekking routes and paths, overtaken by tiny Nepalese who with ease carried double the weight I was. In baskets and with headbands. More than once it hit me how sturdy these people are, like mountains goats they traversed even the steepest of climbs with such ease.

I’ve enjoyed their hospitality, slept in their houses, eaten their food. Had my share of illness, far up in deep valleys far from any road. I’ve said my thousand Namaste‘s, mumbled my prayers, heard them mumble their prayers for my well being and swift recovery.

For long I’ve wanted to go back to the country, see more, explore more, experience more of their rich culture. Now despite the horror they experience, or because of it, I’ve want to return sooner, show my support and help the little I can. We shall see about next year.

Whatever and however, we all must support the people of Nepal, via aid organizations, Red Cross or others, urge our governments to offer up all the help this poor country might need.

And need there will be, lots of it. You may do so via diverse organizations that have set up specific channels for such. Some you may find on this page, but Red Cross and others do the same.