Lack of, or poor Communication

Last Updated on: July 29, 2018

comm01Don’t know about you (my psychic abilities are somewhat limited) but can tell you about me. Sometimes I find lack of communication, poor communication, or bad communication very frustrating.

What’s worst depends on the circumstances, the situation, and not the least, on my own expectations.

We all have been on both/all sides of the table. Recipients or senders, receivers or transmitters. One should therefore be careful with criticism, cautious when attempting to pass judgement. There may be reasons for lack or poor communication one doesn’t or cannot know about.

Nobody is perfect, but we all have potential for improvements. If something has failed with regards to your communication, approach the recipient(s), be open to feedback. Maybe you over-performed, it was too much, a verbal overkill. Digital smoke signals might just be all needed. Too much can be as poor as too little, in fact, allow me to point out, too much can be much worse than too little.

Quantity must not be confused with quality. I keep reminding myself that.

comm02Poor communication can frustrate or annoy, and aggravate. I can lead to embarrassing situations, problems. History is littered with examples of what lack of, poor or bad communication can lead to on a larger political scale. Wars have been started as a result of poor communication.

Likewise, wars have ended as a result of good communication.

It’s not all about the oral or written word, silence too.. lack of response, can have the capacity to instigate a conflict, a misconception. It can be quite annoying if you have spent a considerable amount of time, effort and energy, to make your own communication clear, concise, polite and to the point.

Be not too concerned, don’t drown yourself in “The Sea of Why’s”. Deliver what feels right, regardless of time spent and leave it. Yeah I know.. it’s easy to say isn’t it.

It’s best to face it, lack of or poor response may simply come from the fact that your communication partner might be .. exhausted, tired. It was bad in the era of email, it’s worse now in the era of email and social media. With background for larger international companies I’ve had my share of experience, as a sender or recipients of hundreds of mails. I know how tough it can be to keep up and respond.

“Expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised”, a favorite saying of a friend of mine. So also with communication, with feedback. The trend is, give less, be concise, be concerned for how you present your content. Few, if any, will ever read what you write with your level of attention.

Cheers! 🙂