Choices & Decisions – 2018 Summer adventure (Part 4)

Last Updated on: October 23, 2021

Choices and decisions, we face those every day. The morning of June 27th was definitely going to be about choices and decisions for me as well.

My adventure however, go or no go, was in the hands of fate, and BMW Motorrad.

Damage assessment

Got up early, for a breakfast, for packing, and was outside BMW Motorrad Zentrum Hannover at 8AM almost sharp. Prior I’d sent them a mail, just in case someone was early at work. First in through the door I headed over to the service department.

There I talked to someone who seemed to be service manager. Briefly explained my situation and he jumped on the/my case immediately. Brought in another guy and together they started to assess damages.

BMW Motorrad: initrial assessment

Two guys doing initial assessment of my motorcycle

This all began probably less than 10 minutes after my arrival.

Another guy arrived, now 3 were inspecting the poor, battered red cow. A little later a fourth technician showed up with helmet, full outfit, and asked for the key. Regardless of what the verdict would be, talk about taking it serious!

The rider returned some 15-20 minutes later. He had some good news. There was nothing vitally wrong with the way it behaved, he said. Steering, steering geometry, frame, engine, brakes, all seemed normal.

They then took the bike into the service “hangar” to run diagnostics.  Meanwhile I wafted about with a coffee, looking at miscellaneous exhibited motorcycles.

BMW Motorrad Zentrum Hannover

The verdict, go or no go

Half an hour or so later a senior BMW technician showed up and broke the news. There was significant damage to the front (pics in this post). Fixtures, racks, brackets, lights, plastic parts and some electronics was smashed up. But “vital organs” were, from what they could tell, ok.

To get most of the parts for replacement would take at least 3-4 days. One component however, was another story. This due to BMW Motorrad being in the middle of a sub supplier switch. Finally they had no possibility of taking on the job, even with all the parts in stock. It was vacation time and a they had huge log services.

The story was pretty much the same all over Germany, through the service organization. As a result. I was given two options;

  1. they would ship the bike back to Norway (the end of adventure) OR
  2. they patched it up as good as possible, and I could continue

Headlight adjustment could not be done properly due to frontal damages. I was advised to drop Switzerland. If stopped in a Swiss police control I could potentially get a (astronomical) fine, plus risk being banned from riding.

Ergo sum, plans including Switzerland, Zurich, French Alps and south, was totally bust.

Alternative 2 meant a trainee would be put on the task (with guidance and assistance from qualified technicians). As a result they would not charge me for the job. You read that right!

It was an easy decision to make. Thanked them sincerely, and they got on with the job.

Around 3-4 hrs later they were finished. Seeing the motorcycle I blurted out that I now owned the only BMW R1200GS Adventure Pirate version. That cracked them up, professional cool vaporized. As for the pirate analogy, well picture below speaks for itself?

BMW R1200GS Adventure Pirate version

Close-up of BMW R1200GS Adventure Pirate version. The only one of its kind

Shortly after I rolled out of Hannover. The Red Cow stitched up and patched. Yet now with a more uncertain course. Somehow,  the front wheel still pointed south!

Choices, undecided but adventurous

BMW Motorrad Zentrum Hannover saved my vacation. Fate & God was merciful. I was a happy camper. Calmly, in no rush whatsoever I continued south on small roads. Through woods, over hills and many a picturesque village. Needless to say intersections received a whole new level of attention!

I was now in a region of Germany last seen while blazing through on the Autobahn, in 2016. Cool to ride through the countryside on minor roads. Which among other things led to the discovery of the old Abbey, and monastery Amelungsborn. I could have missed it. But since in a downbeat mode, first went past, stopped, and went back.

Glad I did, definitely worth a visit.

Kloster Amelungsborn

Kloster Amelungsborn, Amelungsborn Abbey. First settled around 1138AD

Feeling it was rather pertinent to show the Almighty som gratitude I spent the some time there, engulfed by the serenity, and tranquility. Might be fair to say, I lost track of time.

Amelungsborn Abbey

Amelungsborn Abbey, what seemed to be a residential building

All roads in here had cobblestones, and all buildings erected with the same type of rock. Probably they’re not all from the same time period so I reckon it’s local rock.

Amelungsborn Abbey

Entrance to the Amelungsborn Abbey monastery area

Properly charged spiritually, think I needed that, I let the front wheel command me, and headed south.

Höxter, “home of the Höxtables”

It was getting later in the afternoon. There were choices to consider, accommodation not the least. Had made no decision about where to land for the evening and night. came up with some suggestions in the the city of Höxter, not too far away. Choices, choices. Höxter looked interesting, so hopped on a fair priced offer, plotted in the address and let the GPS take me there.

Riding into Höxter history and preservation both shone from almost every building. If there’s one thing Germans really are good at, besides making beer, wursts (sausages), food in general, cars, motorcycles etc. it’s preservation and conservation. Done with, in most cases, quite a bit of authenticity and pride.

Choices led me to Höxter

One of the main streets in Höxter, and where my hotel was located

Höxter was no exception. The BMW NAV led me directly to the hotel. A nice, affordable establishment with friendly staff, and parking in the rear for cars and motorcycles.

Hotel Corveyer Hof

Hotel Corveyer Hof in Höxter, nice affordable establishment in an old historic building

Got me a decent sized room, a shower later it was out to check out the “hometown of the Höxtables”.

Old buildings in Höxter

You will find lots of old buildings in Höxter

I wandered about for a bit, to check things out. The old part of Höxter is relatively small, but cozy, relaxed and appealing. You’ll be done in an afternoon and evening.

Höxter cobblestone backroads

Höxter cobblestone backroads

A couple of hours later I returned to the hotel for dinner, some beers and a good nights sleep. Needed to spend some time with Google maps, had some ideas about direction but not much more.

And where I went? Guess you’ll have to stay in touch to find out 🙂

The origin of the LOL

Höxter, home of the LOL  (well not likely):)

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