Give nature back to nature

It is 2015 and we are concerned for our environment. That is.. we with a above minimum conscience. I choose to believe, that means almost all of us. The awareness is growing every day, across the globe, more and more people, cultures, nations, see and feel the consequences of decade long, of century long exploits, systematic negligence and downright destruction….read more>>

What lurks in the human mind…

… sometimes can surprise us, shock us and deceive us. What lurks in the human mind can change the life of a family, of a society, of nations, it can even change the entire world. What lurks in the human mind has a limitless capacity for good, regrettably also a ditto limitless capacity for bad. The latest appalling example of this limitless…read more>>

A musical giant have left us, RIP

On March 13th 2015 Daevid Allen, Age 77, one of the most original musical artists of this and the former century, exhaled for the last time. Posted on Facebook the morning (CET) of Friday 13th, by his son Orlando Monday Allen: ”And so dada Ali, bert camembert, the dingo Virgin, divided alien and his other 12 selves…read more>>

What a wonderful world …

… isn’t just a clichè or … maybe it is, certainly quickly can be just that… a clichè. We know all too well that dark, stark, heavy, depressing realities pounds on our doors every day, doors here meant in a non-literal, symbolic term. For some the pounding might be stronger. If and when life & realities lead to sense of…read more>>

Running shoes, too many choices

I am not an fitness extremist, not by a long shot. If you’re in the 50 something, or older, having exercising routines is a good idea. In fact, it is a VERY good idea. Yet, do too much too sporadically, and that is not a good approach. Routines, however dreadful and boring it might sound, is what you need. Else you might end up doing a…read more>>

Spring is on, spring is here

.. and that is a true blessing for those of us living up north, especially those who are tired of darkness, of short days, snow, icy and slippery roads, freezing feet, gusts of icy cold winds literally blowing from all directions. Good news; spring is coming very early this year. Bad news; spring is coming very early this…read more>>