General & misc. posts

Here’s the miscellaneous section, about (almost) anything. There’s no red thread, particular aim or angle. All down to brief/fleeting moments of inspiration.  For motorcycle related stuff go here.

Saturday morning: prophetic CAT meme

Saturday January 4th, morning rambling

Saturday morning. Woke up, got coffee brewing going. Gave CAT medicine. Then fed CAT (in that order). In retrospect maybe fed CAT a bit too ...
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Consuming: A set of cylinder guards for the BMW R1200GS Adventure

Reminiscing & consuming, a fools tale

Reminiscing & consuming.   A few days ago a friend shared some links to prog rock music not heard in ages. That sent me into a ...
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mid-march windows screen

Mid-March is a climatically confusing period

Mid-March is a climatically confusing period in the SometimesBackwardsKingdom of Nor-Way. People (some) long (strongly) for spring. However, a) very b) awfully frequently these people ...
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MusicCast: the modest. inconspicuously looking Yamaha WXAD-10

MusicCast technologies, solutions, and choice

MusicCast systems and solutions exist in plenty. From the inexpensive or cheap, like Chromecast from Google, to the (very) expensive. Somewhere in-between, a choice for ...
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Started: winter late 2018

Started with rant, evolved into a point (?)

It started with me being reminded by "FnordsBook". Thrown in my face logging in this morning. On this exact day exactly one year ago, to ...
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A Nordic skiers log, about the boring and the good

A Nordic skiers log, about the boring and the good

The winter of 2017/2018 have brought back snow, in plenty, to the Nordic, my region. And the country as a whole. It would be correct ...
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One of those winter days

With motorcycles parked one does winter things

When I bought my second motorbike I did think about putting spike tires on and ride during winter. It didn't happen. Guess I am too ...
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Cat lesions or lumps on retreat picture

About our hyper allergic Cat with Hyperthyroidism

We've had our cat now for soon 14 years. A new medical condition with subsequent reactions and challenges had me, for the first time, sit ...
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RIP Allan Holdsworth picture

An unexpected sad loss, R.I.P. Maestro Allan Holdsworth

Yes sad, to the world of music, to the world of fusion music lovers, musicians, guitar players. April 16th in the afternoon (CET) his family communicated ...
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Skiing in local habitat

Spring time soon, dream time now

indeed! This winter has been one of the mildest and snow-poor ever in my area. Normally I'd be over the moon with the opportunity and ...
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