Biker’s log; out and about, sort of far out

Last Updated on: November 29, 2017

Fall has descended on Norway, but it’s still not too cold to go for a ride. And as we say here, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad/poor clothing. Uncertain how many would subscribe to that but well, it does carry some truth.

When you ride MC wear is important. For protection, against weather of all sorts, and lower temperature. Of the many things I’d forgotten after 32 years without riding motorbikes was the ordeal of dressing up, especially if you plan to go on longer rides and summer is long gone.

But the ordeal is forgotten, or diminished, once you’ve swung over the saddle, the engine is humming, you release the clutch and begin to roll forward. Well about engine humming, that of course depends on how you’d like to ride. Some like thundering rather than humming, me.. I like it quiet, muted.

Autumn project – up on a mountain

There are lots of mountain ranges in Norway, as well as higher altitude plains. You can literally pick and choose. But with Oslo and the surrounding region as starting point you have to ride quite far to reach most of them. Almost (but not quite) too far for a daytime expedition.

There are a few exceptions, one is Norefjell, around 2,5 hrs drive from Oslo. This range offers fantastic view over surrounding landscape, valleys, hills, lakes and forests. Below a few pics from the trip up, and down.

An odd one way driven contraption

You find it in Åmot, a one way driven mini-spiral of a road, regulated with two lights.

Contraption in Åmot

Through forests and narrow roads

Lower speed, adjust to conditions, yet not exactly the road for my MC. At least it had (some sort of) tarmac.

Through woods

View from Norefjell – towards Noresund & lake Krøderen

View from Norefjell

View from Norefjell – Looking north-east

View from Norefjell

And that was it.. for now 🙂

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