Biker’s log; a beautiful day on the road to somewhere

Last Updated on: June 5, 2023

The summer wasn’t much to write about this year (in Norway), although statistically speaking it might very well have been around average. Not sure, but August and even more so September (latter this far) have been fantastic.

Sometime when the conditions are good and have time like to hop on a MC and… be off. Well.. it’s a new thing, 32 years of absence from riding got fixated by the idea of trying it again. Have to say, it’s been a blast, rain or shine! If you are a MC rider reading this and you have not yet been in Norway, GO! 🙂

Below some pics from the latest expedition, cannot rule out there will be many more to come. Click pics to enlarge.


Kongsberg and the river Numedalslågen. Not quite as high as the week before (flood-high).


Further up in Numedal… picture perfect? Maybe not.. but pretty it is!


Some places along district roads you cross bridges that.. yep.. one lane only! This is one of two one lane bridges remaining in the valley of Numedal.


Further up in the valley of Numedal, temp was around 22C, no wind … just.. beautiful 🙂


I crossed a mountain pass and took a road into a valley. While halting for some pictures another rider came up behind me. Nice bloke, a German living in Sweden, packed up and wafting about in the region. He had a sleeping bag, a tent, food.. and said he’d just stopped anywhere he felt like

Roadside biker rendez-vous

On the road to Tunhovd, Tunhovdfjord in the back. What scenery to come upon you while on the road!



Tunhovd & Tunhovdsfjord

That’s it ..for now:)

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