Bergen and return, vacation in Norway (6)

Last Updated on: June 5, 2023

Bergen is a lovely city. Well worth spending some time in. I managed to get a tour, before returning back to Oslo. In fantastic weather!

The day after Tour de Vestland we decided to stay local. Spend some time in Bergen, wandering around. The Weather forecast suggested sun all day long. It was a slow morning and we got off to a late start. Not too strange, given the length or the ride the day before.

Bergen city

Torgalmenningen - Bergen

Torgalmenningen in Bergen

Leaving motorcycles behind we took a bus into town. The public transportation system is pretty comprehensive, making it easy to get around, or in and out of town. Down in the city we switched to pedestrian mode.

Fløybanen in Bergen

Fløybanen in Bergen, where you take the cable car up the mountain.

Since being late we decided to head up to Mount Fløyen, one of Bergen’s definitive attractions. And have lunch at there. You can walk up , but it takes some time. We hopped on Fløibanen. It has several stops but we aimed for Fløien Folkerestaurant. It was packed, but since a Sunday, with awesome weather, not surprising.

Bergen seen from Fløien

Part of Bergen, seen from Fløien

It might have been timing, plus the fact of Corona. The service was painfully slow. So slow I wondered if they’d forgotten all about us. Jokingly I said to my buddy that their kitchen had to be in another city. He grinned and said well, it’s more of a norm at this place.

Lots of foreign workers had not been admitted back into Norway due to the pandemic and vaccine restrictions this season. As a result, a lot businesses, such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, have had to rely on local workforce. Apparently that did not lead to improvement of service and/or communication.

Bergen, more south

Another part of Bergen, seen from Fløien

Good thing we ordered beer first! But finally the food arrived, and it was pretty decent.


Bryggen in Bergen, with its old Hansa buildings.

We went down again, and roamed about for a bit. Stopped at Bryggen, another Bergen attraction, with its old Hansa building. Had a few beers, before heading back to base.

Return east


Hardangefjorden, seen from road Rv7

The awesome weather had decided to stay over the entire region over the weekend. As a result I took Rv7 on return as well. Didn’t take long before I congratulated myself of the choices. So first from Bergen to Norheimsund, and up along Hardangerfjord.

Narrow section of Rv7

A narrow section of Rv7, why many don’t drive this road.

Think I mentioned this before, but Rv7 has some very narrow sections. One of the reasons why people who live on the west coast don’t usually take this road. So, a motorcyclists prerogative, which by the way you can say about a lot of roads in Norway.

Aurlandsfjell & Bjørgavegen

I carried on, back to Vossevangen and from there to Aurlandsvangen. From there, up the equally narrow Bjørgavegen. The same road I took a few days earlier. One just has to ride/drive it in both directions. The view is stunning, an arch-Norwegian fjord experience.

View from Bjørgavegen

View from Bjørgavegen, looking towards Aurlandsvangen

It was impossible to ride up the road without making multiple stops. To enjoy the scenery, and the view. I suppose you can agree with me?

Aurlandsfjorden June 8th 2021

Aurlandsfjorden, Norway, June 8th 2021

Made a brief stop at Stegastein vantage point, before carrying on up in the mountains. Still plenty of snow up there.

Along Bjørgavegen

Along Bjørgavegen, over Aurlandsfjell

I carried on, without too many stops, and a little later began the descent down towards Lærdalsøyri. The rest of the ride from there and home went without too many stops.

Down towards Lærdalsøyri

On the way down towards Lærdalsøyri and Lærdalsfjorden

Arriving home the odo stopped on 2.435 kilometers. It had been a truly awesome ride. Would not take long before I went west again. But that’s for another time. Thanks for staying with me, hope you enjoyed the ride :).

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