Autumn ride & homeland nature (Part 1)

Last Updated on: June 5, 2023

I’ve been posting lots from the summer’s adventure of late. Therefore thought it might be high time for something else for a change. Like pictures (with words) from an Autumn ride… 

In the Motherland of Norway

nature is something else, roads are something else. All who rides a motorcycle should try the Norwegian experience, at least once in a lifetime. From mid/late April till late fall would be the best but that depends on where. May to September probably would be most enjoyable. Better if you’re lucky with the weather. Options exist in plenty, if you fancy pavement you’ll find a large network of small roads all over the southern part of the country.

Some of the larger roads offer a great experience too but nothing like being on the smaller ones. If you fancy gravel, forest and mountain roads, well then the number of options increases considerably.

Saturday, on the way northwest

Weekend came and finally, after literally weeks with unstable, down-pouring weather, things improved.  Set out Saturday morning to meet up with a friend  around 2.5hours northwest of Oslo. On the way up I took quite a few pavement smallways and ended up on Gravel.

Norwegian Smallways Picture

The country is littered with narrow roads, with twists and turns, pavement as gravel.

Farm and gravel picture

Many of the gravel roads few travel by, leads straight through farms

Old house & Autumn tree picture

Fall and country/farm house

GSA by the lake picture

Riding on gravel through the region I came upon many beautiful places

This surprise of a road lasted for a while, had so much fun into the gravel-lands I’d lost a bit of time. Back on smallways I had to make it up but still stay on the narrow ones, which I did.

Back on pavement picture

Back on asphalt but still on small roads.

Some miles on a nice roads with lots of twists and turns I made it down to Sandsbråten by lake Soneren.

Autumn & Lake Soneren

Came down a hillside towards Lake Soneren, a quick stop for a picture 🙂

I didn’t take the wider county-road (left on the picture above, but continued along the lake northwards on the eastern side.

Autumn along lake Soneren picture

Along lake Soneren to a little place called Eidal and then continue north to the rendez-vous point

Rendez-vous & onwards with the Autumn Ride

Made it to the meeting point not awfully late, especially not considering a gravel-detour on the way up.  In fact, my friend had arrived not long before. Since we both use Locatoweb, which btw is an awesome service, he could keep a track on my whereabouts.

A short pit stop with coffee was needed, we discussed where to go and worked out a pretty good plan.

Eggedal Church picture

Right across from where we met, Eggedal church & a nice sky too!

Towards the mountains & gravel roads

We quickly agreed on both direction and a-sort-of-route, heading north from Northern Eggedal, across the mountains and west towards Nore og Uvdal . My friend is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to alternatives in the region.

One  thing worth mentioning, Google maps doesn’t really cover smaller roads in Norway very well. I therefore recommend you use At least as a supplementary source. Regrettably the service, owned by Statens Kartverk.  doesn’t offer a good app and no other route planning than a download option. Myself am using a combination of Norgeskart (when in Norway) and Garmin.

Anyhow, so we started the journey and….

Up and across valley picture

Up and across to Nore og Uvdal, on gravel roads, it’s a fantastic area to ride in

Crossing over and into Nore og Uvdal. Autumn had indeed descended on the landscape, with bright orange and yellow colored leaves everywhere.

Nore og Uvdal picture

Coming down into Nore og Uvdal, Norefjorden in the rear, shrouded in Autumn colors. We had just hit pavement again.

A little further down one can more easily see the upper part of Norefjorden.

Autumn ride: Nore og Uvdal picture

A better glimpse of the north end of Norefjorden. A little annoying with the power line.

Down the side of the valley you see lots of farms. Not the easiest place on earth to do farming but people have, for centuries.

Valley farming picture

Lots of farms on either side riding down this road. Which gets pretty winded at one point.

Finally, after riding down the winding road we landed in the little town of Rødberg, found a suitable place for lunching and discuss where to next.  More pictures (and words) in the next post 🙂

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