A treshhold mile, along a road named Procrastination

Last Updated on: November 8, 2015

I find myself camping there, every once in a while. Somewhere along the road named (or called) Procrastination. That road might, for lack of better examples, occasionally look like this…

Desert road

Come to think of it, the above scenery (or scenario) is a lot more interesting.

It’s a problem related to some particular mundane tasks and, regrettably, some (dear) hobbies which I’m in the process of trying to kick back into motion, like music making.

The objective? Trying to record some new stuff. Simple stuff. Ringtones/melodies for mobile, can it get much simpler?

The answer to that question, it depends on what one makes of it. Even a simple phone ring-melody can quickly get (over)complicated. On the flip side, if the result is ok and procrastination doesn’t get (too much) in the way then sense of accomplishment will help keeping the creativity momentum up.

Time will show… the rig for the first batch looks like this…



In my native tongue we have an expression that, if translated to English would sound like “a threshold mile”. Or in Norwegian “Dørstokkmila”. Which means that the distance from where you’re at, to your door’s threshold (door metaphorically speaking) is, or feels like, at times, a mile.

I have infinite respect for artists who have, or have access to, a seemingly bottomless source of inspiration, with ditto seemingly endless capacity for propulsion and creativity. Once upon a time I was there, close to a bottomless well of inspiration. Made new music almost every day and recorded a lot.

Then some years down the line the location of that well was lost, much “aided” by other pressing matters that required attention and focus.

The shorter term project isn’t even remotely close to being over-ambitious. I’ll simply record whatever stubs show up, run some tests on my phone and if ok, later set up a download for the snippets.

Hopefully I’ll have something to show for in a months time.. or sooner, we shall see about that.

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