2018 Summer adventure, the beginning (Part 1)

Last Updated on: October 23, 2021

2018 Summer adventure on two wheels was an awesome experience. Even if things didn’t go as planned, with incidents I could have done well without (more later), surely was an adventure! I could write that in BIG letters!

Packed and ready

Packed & ready the evening before departure

2018 Summer trip with new route

Unlike the previous year, and the year before, I had decided not to ride through Sweden on the way south, but instead take the ferry from Larvik to Hirtshals in Denmark. This ferry is a very good alternative for those coming from the south, with plans to travel in Norway.

For me this choice meant getting up early in the morning and ride from Oslo to Larvik. The morning ferry leaves at 8AM. But on a Sunday, without any traffic, and good weather, it was done in a flash (ok, a little longer).

2018 Summer Adventure start view: Inner Oslo Fjord

Inner Oslo Fjord at 05:30AM, on my way through town.

Be advised; if you want to book this ferry in high season, e.g. July, be early. Might also be an idea to book with buffet, so you have seat & table reservation. Not so important if you plan to go in mid-June or August. More info here.

2018 Summer Adventure, across Skagerrak

Danish route

DK day 1, June 24th. Click to expand

The ferry takes around 3hrs 45 min. Had booked buffet with table/seat, so it was onto Sunday breakfast, relaxation, and walk about. The boat has lockers (takes coins) so you can get rid of motorcycle gear (or any other luggage) and not have to worry about it. Something you just might, if traveling alone.

Landed in Hirtshals, getting off the ferry goes smoothly. I’d gotten a great tip from a colleague who travels frequently to Denmark. There is a way to escape the out of harbor freeway traffic.

Right after you ride off the ferry, and around the terminal building, there’s a small road with a toll/barrier which is always open. Here you take to the right, then right immediately after.

This road will lead you through Hirtshals and then quickly out of town. So done, minutes after arrival I was on a Danish country side road, heading down the coast.

Danish flatland

Danish flatland from a motorcycle perspective. Found some good roads though 🙂

Not long after I arrived in the town Løkken, found a way down to and onto the beach.

BMW Beach buggy

BMW two wheel beach buggy. Did a bit of riding on sand, just to have done it:)

The original plan was to ride on the sandy beach down to Blokhus. After a few miles I realized it might be a gamble. The sand seemed firm, but the problem was, not everywhere. Between Løkken and Blokhus I saw no exit roads on the map, leading from the beach, inland.

As a result I went back the same way, safe rather than sorry, off the beach and back on the road.

Twisty roads mode, sometimes it works

The GPS was set to twisty roads mode, this seemed to work very well in Denmark. Or, at least as long as I was out in this part of the country and away from bigger cities. It came up with lots of small roads suggestions, and I tried most of them.

Gravel in Denmark

The GPS found a gravel road that turned out to be interesting.

After a bit of gravel riding, both interesting and challenging as the gravel was quite deep in some parts, back on pavement. Small-ways pavement!

Danish Smallways

Found lots of interesting, cool to ride smallways

I kept on zig-zag’ing my way south, in direction of the first stop-over on the 2018 summer adventure. And came across some interesting signs.

No sign

4 kilometers to No! That’s a Yes! 🙂

Finally, after about 7.5hrs worth of riding I made it to the first destination, with only one navigation miss. I’d plotted in the right address. but in the wrong city, duh! A friendly farmer enlightened me on the fact that both the address and the location, existed in two neighbouring counties.

Holmsland Bed & Breakfast

Holmsland Bed & Breakfast, offered more than just bed & breakfast!

The 2018 summer adventure was also one of my few B&B encounters. After Holmsland Bed & Breakfast it won’t be the last. Great place, nice and friendly owners, very clean and spacious accommodation for not much money.

The B&B I stayed at is about 3 kilometers from Ringkøping. In my opinion they should have had some bicycles for guests, as walking back and forth to town (if you want to have a drink or two) might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Me, I got some exercise, a taxi was never a question.

The next day, and in next post, southwards in Denmark and over into Germany 🙂

2 thoughts on “2018 Summer adventure, the beginning (Part 1)

  1. I am planning a trip to the North cape next June from the south of France through Moscow,
    St Petersburg and Finland.
    I will come back through Norway, Denmark and Germany.
    I a really open for any advices.
    My bike: BMW GSA 2015

  2. Hi there André

    Sounds like an ambitious plan!

    Based on your other targets I would suggest heading to Norway from the south, either via Sweden (towards Oslo) or drop that, and take the ferry either from Hirtshals > Larvik. Or even from Copenhagen > Oslo. Southern Sweden isnt very exciting from a riding perspective, unless you have a lot of time and can do gravel and smallways. In which case Sweden does indeed has a lot to offer, but it does take time.

    I could suggest some routes re this entry. The other alternative could be Denmark, ferry from HIrtshals to Larvik, then cut through the mountains over in direction of Bergen, or further north. Lots of interesting roads up in the mountains and along the fjords.

    I would then move gradually north, (using with ferrys where needed) in direction of Åndalsnes and Trollstigen. From there, Trondheim, and follow the coast line to Lofoten, Senja, Tromsø, and finally the stretches towards Nordkapp.

    From Nordkapp you can then go via Finland, head in direction of Moscow, and the rest south.

    Approaching the polar circle from the south through Norway is without comparison the most magical experience in my opinion 🙂

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