2016 is history, what awaits us in the new year?

Last Updated on: October 3, 2017

A year is history, you find yourself at the doorstep of a new year once again and (potentially) wonder, so what’s up for the new year? Pointless pondering or good exercise?

If however, you ask yourself how many of past year’s bigger events you would have guessed as we left 2015, I am pretty sure the answer would be, few or none. But one thing has emerged in 2016, and gotten a whole new meaning; Fake News. I don’t think we’ve seen quite the scale of such earlier.

Fake news, real crap

The saying ” you should not believe everything you read” is more true than ever before.  The US election and what followed in its currents took fake news to an all-time high in modern history of communication.

What’s new to me, and as much mind boggling, or baffling, is to what extent fake news has dominated, especially the later quarter of this year.

Deception, derailment, lies, falsities, all part of the currents that entails the progress of mankind. However much we try to distance ourselves from it, it is yet another sad part of our collective history.

Shit is everywhere

if you look for it. The new year am sure will be full of shit, you don’t need to be clairvoyant to figure that out. More than enough to drag you down into a dark pit of alternative doom.  Shit will continue to flood our world, aided by megalomaniacs, ego trippers, hatred, greed, mind-fuckdoom, and the whole bloody nine yards of the human registry of darkness.

But, if you focus on shit, shit will obscure your vision. And you won’t quite so easily be able to see the light.  You need the light, because without it, it’s hard to propel oneself away, and above, the shit.

There is light, there is hope, there is always an opportunity to try, if nothing else, to make things better. For yourself, your nearest, family, for your friends, even for strangers you meet on the path of life.

Respect – that is a decent beginning

Love is important but without respect, there can be no love. No Real love. Respect is a fundamental part of our universe, of biological life. Respect keeps elements in balance. Elements that have respect for each other can co-exist, even if they’re opposites.

Respect defined the equilibrium that is needed to uphold balance.

To me, respect is absolutely essential or, if you please, fundamental. It is entirely possible, and necessary, for balance, to learn to respect others, even if their beliefs, their ideology or ism, is strange or alien to you.

So for 2017, I’ll uphold my respect. Improve my respect. I will however continue to be concerned and worried for the course than certain countries on this planet is taking. Pray a course correction may come quickly if needed.

And with these words I wish you and yours….

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