10 000 kilometers on Michelin Anakee Adventure

10.000 kilometers on Anakee Adventure. 9.984 to be exact. That’s the fasit to date. I am every bit as satisfied as I was after the first impressions.

Recently I was out riding on gravel again. No other tires I’ve had on my BMW R1200GS Adventure have felt this good near 10 000 kilometers. Some of the tires I’ve had actually never made it this far. Or, they were pretty shot long before.

The red cow June 14th, packed and ready.

10 000 kilometers of allround usage

Spring I did quite a lot of gravel and dirt riding, and rough tarmac. In temps from 2 to 3C and up. Mid-June I went to England, Wales and Europe. More about that later. Regrettably I didn’t make it to the French Alps this year. The heat wave late June put a stop to those plans.

June 25th 2019: In Wales & Snowdonia Park.

So I got myself fried in Germany instead, though not quite as hot as in southern France. But 38-40C is more than enough to give you the hair dryer in the face feeling.

Gravel & offroad in the Harz mountains, Germany

The tires handled it all very well. High temps, a fully loaded bike, various weather, also torrential rain, and slick roads. What impressed me the most is how they tackle different weather conditions and road surfaces.

That did not change radically as I packed on miles.

Halfway to 10k, little change

At 5000 kilometers I didn’t notice any differences. At least not on pavement of various kinds. I’d prepared myself for changes, that they would not feel as good. That I’d have to be more careful. But I kept on riding as before.

In Germany I did quite a bit of gravel riding with almost all my luggage on. Plus speed riding in hairpins and twisty roads. Didn’t notice any difference, and felt every bit as confident as when they riding them in. THAT surprised me,  a lot!

Last year I had Metzeler Karoo Street on. Great tires too, you can read about the set here. They did not handle motorway riding as well as the Anakee Adventure. Plus the front tire is a lot noisier.

How they look at 10 000 kilometers

Michelin released Anakee Adventure early 2019.  Based on documentation I decided it would be my next set. Turned out to be a good choice.  The tire was designed as a 80/20, or 80 percent road, 20 percent offroad design.  Comparing it to Metzeler Karoo Street, by some regarded as a 70/30, I think it’s almost as good offroad.

10 000 kilometers - Anakee Adventure front

Michelin Anakee Adventure front @ca 9.800km

What is significant however, is that Anakee Adventure retains grips offroad better than Karoo Street. Yet it doesn’t look like it is.

10 000 kilomters, the rear of Anakee Adventure

Michelin Anakee Adventure rear at 9kilometers

The rear looks a lot more beaten up. They always do, this far out in their life-cycle. But what has surprised me, is that it still looks that good. It’s squared, but not at all like the Karoo Street. Which by the way I changed before it hit 9.500 kilometers.

The flattening is as expected. I have done more autobahn riding this year compared to previous years. But what’s interesting is how the rear, and front, perform on gravel still.

What’s next for me?

That’s really simple. I’ll change the rear first, then the front.  The Anakee Adventure is a near perfect match for my motorcycle, and riding style. It allows me to do what I love the most about riding, And it does so while preserving on-road capabilities better than anything I’ve had on my bike this far.

End of story.

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