Welcome to Meynstream, the homepage of a semi-nerd (IT/web guy), web designer, hobby musician, hobby photographer, motorbike rider and blogger. New content may appear suddenly, or when I’ve had time to produce something worth publishing ­čÖé

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With motorcycles parked one does winter things
When I bought my second motorbike I did think about putting spike tires on and ride during winter. It didn’t
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2017 Summer Adventure part 15, returning north
The second last day was all about returning north. Time was up. Wanted to be back home and have a
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2017 Summer Adventure part 14, border crossing
The next two legs were about border crossing, quite a bit of border crossing. The course was to be set
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2017 Summer Adventure part 13, Switzerland (again)
Liechtenstein wasn’t exactly over exciting. No parties in the streets, nothing spectacular but pleasant enough, and all fine by me.
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2017 Summer Adventure part 12, The Swiss Exit
Morning came and it was time for the next leg. The fragments of a plan I had, pointed in the
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