Short’ish introduction

km_circus04Welcome to Meynstream, the homepage of a semi-nerd (IT guy), web designer, hobby musician, photographer and blogger.

New content will surface as time permits, additional functions when (or rather if) needed. The current design is a simple, and somewhat temporary solution.

Change to more elaborate modern design might happen sometime in the future. The current solution does however work ok for my modest needs so we’ll see.

I build websites of all sorts, from content management solutions (homepages) to eCommerce, booking, forums and various others. Current solution (this one) is built on and with WordPress (WP), the most popular, widely used CMS (Content Management Service) of all.

I use various other CMS types too, but felt WP was a good choice for this rather minor project or presence.

And onwards

Plan is to include a music library, for ringtones and jingles to begin with. Web-wise just a minor pottering job, a little design, functional adaption, hey presto. Making the music is another matter, even if minor projects I want things to be good, plus have enough material for it to be worth the (web) job.

In other words, new stuff will come when ready. Meanwhile, some old/ancient recordings can be found here.

In the meantime

The blog is being updated fairly often. Once a frequent blogger who, after a thousand or so posts, took a break. Spring 2014 I started up again with a more tech oriented blog. While rebuilding my personal site decided to establish a more general blog, around and about life, politics, environment, art & design, science, philosophy, and whatever else may surface.